Andrew Hacksaw Harney

Andrew Hacksaw Harney's Blues Haven Band will be performing at the Peabody Street Park Concert Series.

Andrew HarneyThey are a group trying to keep the blues alive. Andrew Hacksaw Harney has played with the likes of the James Montgomery Band, Harper and Midwest Kind and Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. Andrew has his own band, which will rock you with their blues, funk and jazz fusion. As well as being the guitarist, audiences love when Andrew pulls out his harmonica, or trombone! The band consists of Rory Walsh on drums, Chris Noyes on Bass, and Alex Walsh on keys. Don't miss this bluesy quartet!!

Around The Bend

Around The Bend will be performing at the Peabody Street Park Concert Series.

Around The BendThey are an acoustic folk-rock ensemble that incorporates well-blended harmonies with an eclectic mix of acoustic instruments. They breathe new life into their covers and showcase their talents and versatility in their original songs. Mandolin, Lead Guitar, Vocals - Dave Simmons; Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals - Art Mawson; Bass, Vocals- Rob Sievert; Percussion, Guitar, Vocals - Yinh Kiefer

Be Imagine Music Studio

Be Imagine Music Studio Be Imagine Music Studio Mission Statement:
"Be Imagine Music Studio" is a studio of youth rock bands directed by Benjamin Goldbaum at Haverhill Music Centre. My goal is to give kids an opportunity to play in a full rock band and to perform locally. I currently teach 6 youth bands ages 9-college age. We have performed at festivals like Haverhill's Kidsfest, Newburyport's Yankee Homecoming, and we have performed at local rock venues like The Sad Cafe in Plaistow, The Claddagh in Lawrence, All Asia in Cambridge and more. The bands play cover songs but I also encourage them to write their own music and we are currently at work recording a 12-song compliation CD of all original songs. "Be Imagine Music Studio" teaches youths that you can "Be" what you "Imagine." For more information check us out at

Since this mission statement was written my studio has undergone some changes. After being open for 57 years, Haverhill Music Centre has closed its doors on September 1st, 2012. Myself and the other 9 instructors are moving to a new location in Haverhill, 143 Essex St, to continue teaching our music lessons. Many of these teachers have been teaching in the city for 30+ years, some for 40+.

Check out more about Be Imagine Music Studios at my facebook page:

Here are the facebook pages for some of the Be Imagine youth bands: (new name is The Sparx)